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Who else here messes around with TLR's

I think I have developed a fatal attraction for Twin Lens Reflex Cameras. My brother loaned me Rolleicord, Rolleiflex and a Mamiya C220. I think I am screwed because I am lusting after a Rolleiflex something bad. There is something nice and minimalist about this camera, two lenses (one for viewing, the other for picture taking) and only twelve exposures.

My brother apon realizing I drank the grape cool aid on medium format has started looking looking for a Rolleiflex for me (so he can get his TLRs back).



Both shot with a Rolleicord V with Ilford Delta 400 film processed in Xtol 1+1.
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Nice shots. I've always planned to get into medium format or TLR when I retire and have more time, but I don't think I'll ever set up my own dark room. So I hope I can still buy film and find a good lab by then.:rolleyes:
I currently have two...a Cirroflex and a Yashicamat. The TLR has so much going for it. The image does not go blank at time of shooting like a SLR, Square fromat, you never have to tilt it on its side. It is hard to catch people looking natural with a camera you have to put up to your eye. The instant you do that, they become self-concious and start posing. You can hold the old TLR in your lap and shoot away unobtrusively. I could go on. I used to repair cameras...in my opinion, the Rolleiflex has two advantages over less-expensive Yashicas, and I am not sure those advantages are important enough to justify the expense. (1) the Rollies use steel for the film-advancing gears where Yashica uses brass. Under heavy use the brass gears will wear down sooner. Easy enough to file new points on them hoawever, or replace them. (2) the superb Zeiss lenses on the most expensive Rollies. But the Yashinon lens is good enough that you are not going to see any real difference in the image unless you are making huge enlargements.
There's a Rolleiflex in my future and I am starting my research. I also want to get my fingers on a Minolta Autocord while not as durable, the Rokkor lenses have a great reputation.
I have a Voigtlander Brillant. It's a fun little camera to piddle with. I don't have a "real" TLR. The Brillant's focusing lens isn't coupled with the taking lens, so there's no way to know when your shot is in focus. You have to guess and use small apertures.

My main medium format system is my Mamiya m645 1000s with an 80mm lens. It's my newest camera, and my baby.
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