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Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

Most recently, Nobody with Bob Odenkirk had a brief straight razor shave scene. It was a fun movie with Saul going full on commando.
Watched North by Northwest yesterday. I always get a little giggle out of the look Cary Grant gets from the guy at the next sink shaving with his straight razor while Cary uses the teeny tiny double edge razor and equally tiny brush. Shaving circa 1959.

Just saw the first bit of 'It Could Happen to You' yesterday, and there is a scene in which Nicholas Cage is shaving with what looks to be a Krona. Could conceivably be a black-handled Superspeed, but the handle looks a little too long.
Johnny Come Lately (1943):

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An unemployed James Cagney is sitting in a park in a small, late 19th century American town idly reading Dickens and dry shaving with a straight razor.

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An old woman warns him the police will arrest him for vagrancy and put him on a chain gang for two months.

He keeps reading Dickens and winds up before a judge. The widow lady bails him out, gives him a job and puts him up.

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In the bathroom he finds a set of straight razors, one for each day of the week, and asks a bemused Hattie McDaniel through the door what day it is. Why do you want to know in the bathroom, she asks.

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If the police found Cagney in a park holding an open straight razor in 21st century America, they would shoot first and ask questions later.
I had to check it out.
He does a hanging hair test before he decides to use the seven day set.
He also shaves in a freight car before chatting with a hobo.
Each time, it's a dry shave.
I got the impression that Cagney was already familiar with a straight,
from the way he shaved.
Welcome to your worst nightmare:

After a futile morning wait for the elevator that never comes, Smith and his neighbor take the stairs. Guess who is watching?

1984  A.jpg

In a world where there is ever-increasing production of all their needs, for some mysterious reason there are never any razor blades.

1984  B.jpg

If you had an extra razor blade, would you share it with your next door neighbor, a co-worker, a friend?

1984  C.jpg

It never hurts to ask.

1984  D.jpg

Especially if you know where to ask. The kindly old man, one of the few who ever smiles, runs a junk shop, with some black market goods, too. But why, exactly, is he smiling?

1984  E1.jpg

Smith returns home with his prize:

1984  E2.jpg

A black market razor blade.

1984  E2C.jpg

It is a Victory brand razor blade, of course. Every item for sale in his country is a Victory brand.

1984  E3.jpg

He puts his brand new blade in his razor, a relic of the before time, or is it new?

1984  F.jpg

He is interrupted mid-shave by the morning playing of the national anthem, and must stand at attention, or at least respectfully still.

1984  G.jpg

And to make sure of his full and eternal obedience, a vigilant helicopter hovers outside his bathroom window.

To be continued....
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Welcome to your worst nightmare, part II:

1984  H.jpg

Even on the neighborhood slop line, the obsession is razor blades. A co-worker asks for some; perhaps Smith looks a little too clean shaven.

1984  I.jpg

Do I have any razor blades? Who me? Mmmm, doesn't this food look double plus good.

Victory DE Razor.jpg

This movie about the quest for a morning shave is brought to you by Victory Razor.

Victory Razor, the perfect match for your Victory razor blade, brought to you by our totalitarian allies in Eurasia. Or is it Eastasia, this week?

The movie, made in the eponymous year, is very good. But the book is even better. Read it; you will never forget it.

This could never happen here.

Or so they said.


Be seeing you!
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If you are planning a getaway for the long weekend, please take care!

No 6  a.jpg

No. 6 tried to get away from The Village on a raft.

No 6  b.jpg

But he shaved with an unsterilized razor blade and an unsanitary razor.

Sadly, he developed sepsis and died before he could reach freedom.

So, if you are planning a getaway, always bring your autoclave!
Then there's the scene from Carl Reiner's parody, "Fatal Instinct," in which shamus Armand Assante dry shaves without without flinching to show how tough he is . . . until he slaps on some aftershave. Let's just say he quickly felt a bit more burn than he anticipated.
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