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White Fedora

I'm looking for a white fedora with a black band. Lots of sellers of fedoras in varying materials but not white with a black band. Anyone have any ideas where I can get such a thing?

I used tohave a white Borsalino woth a black band, so you look wherever Borsalinos are sold. Also, i would think that any decent hatter would be able to swap bands for you. BTW, I assume you are talking aboutafelt fedora, not a Panama, rigt?
Bailey is a good suggestion. Check out Meyer the Hatter in New Orleans via their website. I'd be shocked if they don't have a white fedora with black band in plenty of style, size, price and material variations.


Good folks, too. Make sure they send one of their "Like hell it's yours cards!" to ward off potential hat thieves.:biggrin1:
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