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White Badger?

A shaving brush is listed on ebay as having white badger bristle. Is this really a thing or am I justified in laughing?

I have noticed these brushes too.

The London company " Haryali" that makes these brushes, has full collection of white boar bristles. I do not know how this is done.

This company seems to me like "Omega"
Straight from London, China. 😂
Looks like Horse to me. I suppose badger hair could be bleached but I can’t see why it would be....
Some of their other “white badger” offerings have pretty fine hair if you zoom in and look at the base, finer than Boar for sure.
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Raven Koenes

My precious!
Badger Pig!
Badger Pig!
Does whatever a badger pig does!
Can he retain water like a badger brush?

No he can't
He's a pig
He is the badger pig!!
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