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Whisky exchange

Gents, has there been any discussion of a whisky exchange program, like we have in Brown Leaf? I'm seeing an uptick in whisky posts, especially scotch, and as a whisky connoisseur, it's really got me thinking. I almost placed an order for whisky samples from the UK, and had to back down once I realized I had a shopping cart tab of $300 open :blink:.

Any interest in such a thing? Is it feasible? What say the mods?
Cool idea. The home-brew forum I am a member of allows informal exchanges. Nothing is sponsored specifically by the forum, its up to the members to coordinate, but there are usually a number of exchanges going on at the same time.

As far as shipping goes, it is illegal to ship alcohol through the USPS. UPS and Fedex tend to frown upon the idea, however when I ship home-brew, I pack it really well and tell them my box is full of fragile picture frames. I've yet to have a broken bottle. Each member is responsible for their end of shipping.

Whole bottles would be out, unless 2 members could agree on 2 bottles that were equal value to the other person. Selection in mini bottles is usually limited. I wonder if there is some sort of bottle that you could decant to that wouldn't leak during shipping?

My only problem I have is that I don't have any good whiskey...

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This would be a no go at first glance.


How about now?
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