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Whisky Chat


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Another thread got me thinking about chats. I was wondering if anyone else is interested in participating in a Whisky Chat. I'm happy to participate and also to extend the limited knowledge I do have to any members who want to learn some basics of Scotch or Bourbon.

If anyone is interested please post what days, times work out best for you.

Perhaps a "General Libations" chat would draw a larger crowd? Although, I admittedly know nothing about whiskey and would be interested in sitting in on this chat if/when it occurs.
I am a single malt man myself. However, I'm leaving on holiday on Tuesday. I would gladly catch up with you Yanks later. My selection includes, Macallan, Glenkinchie, Oban, Bowmore, Lagavullin, Paddy, Linkwood, Bushmills, and a few others....
I too enjoy single malts most of all. My favourite has to be Dalwhinnie... but I'm also quite partial to Bowmore, the Glenlivet, and Lagavulin (well, I love Islays in general). I can't say I'm much of a Talisker fan, however, as I always thought it had a bit of a seaweed taste to it... I'd certainly be interested in a chat, depending on the time.
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