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Whipped Dog Shedding

So I have a Whipped Dog 24mm Synthetic brush for a couple of months and I love it. It was wonderful till the last 6 shaves. Now I'm loosing at least one hair per shave. Hopefully it was just saving them till now and it doesn't continue. Has anyone had this experience with these brushes. I wash it out and hang handle up to dry after every shave.
I've got the same brush back in April 2016 and I can't say I've noticed any shedding in the time I've had it. I use it 99% of the time.
I suggest you let Larry know about it but I'm sure you already have thought of that.
I have one here that has been lightly used, (wife's brush) but I haven't noticed it ever loosing any bristles at all. I still make her lather for her, so I'd be the one to notice if it did.

Like YKMV said, let Larry know. I'm sure he will make it right, he's been nothing short of exceptional every time I've dealt with him.
Thanks. I've sent him an email. I love this brush. I recommend Whipped Dog every chance I get. So it seems I was correct and this isn't normal. I had a cheaper badger before and it shed some and I was told to expect it. Thanks again for the responses.
I have a synthetic and a silver tip that are in the regular rotation. While I've never seen any hair come out of the synthetic, I have had 2 or 3 come out of the silver tip... I love Larry's brushes. I'm thinking of ordering another one!!
Larry is aware and we've done some troubleshooting. So going to watch it. Shaves twice since talking with Larry and no new loose hairs. Still love this brush and Larry is a top notch guy.
Larry is indeed a standup guy. He is very responsive and helpful. Unfortunately, his brushes are not as good as he is.

I had a 24mm silvertip and a 24mm high mountain. The silvertip was losing 3 to 5 hairs per shave. The high mountain was losing 10+ per shave. I pif'd them both. The high mountain wound up in the trash bin pretty quickly. His brushes were a great deal once upon a time. I think there are much better brushes available for the same price now.
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