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Which Way to go

Ok, let's see I can make the top the bottom or the bottom the top?
Guess what I decided, it kept me up last night :)


That's what I thought, but then again it's a little different in person when the light hits it and that Maple comes out in full bloom.
I will post a picture later today after I get a little further along with it.

I do know that you have the midas touch when it comes to brushes and any way you go it's going to amazing like all of your other brushes.
I would go with the maple top. However with your skills I'm sure you could reverse that and end up with a spectacular brush.


George Bailey Fanboy
Uh oh...now you're going to have to make about 72 of those.
He'll be making scraps just to have a scrap barrel then!

Awesome how it becomes a piece of art in the hands of you guys. I used to collect my neighbors scraps for kindling. I may have burned up masterpieces!
The colour variation of the wood has a striking similarity a three band badger knot. I wonder if this was intentional or a happy coincidence.