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Which Vintage Kaweco Sport to Reach out For?

I love the size and feel of these small marvels. I do like the modern ones (I got mine with a BB nib). That said I like to try out a vintage piston fill as well. Are there any ones in particular that I should have a closer look out for? V16 as I understand it, is from the mid 60´s (higly regarded by some people) and then we have the older ones- the 12´s and 112´s(?). So Kaweco fans, which piston filler should I be looking out for..?


Cheaper than ink
No.11, 12, 112
If you can find any of those for sale -- buy one, they are terribly scarce on the marketplace.

Maybe a DIA or Transparent, they are nice and a bit larger, but still small by modern standards.

I spotted a few vintage Sports (12 and 16) and their nibs are without the Kaweco logo- as a matter of fact- they are just plain without any markings what so ever. Are they original by any chance?

By the way- how are the golden nibs on the Kawecos in general? Are they well regarded?
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