Which supermarket Italian espresso to try next?

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by WalterK, Aug 17, 2018.

    I'm still stuck on Bustelo, partially for the price and availability. I was given a tin of Bustelo Supreme, and I didn't like it as much as the regular; the Supreme has aroma an taste overtones that can smell slightly fecal, like an overdose of dark chocolate.

    Illy when I can afford it.
  1. Just git my moka pot for Christmas and my Merkur razor yesterday.

    As I age I find I'm willing to put in extra time and energy to have a better experience in different areas of life!

    I've had Starbucks Espresso, Lavassa Dek decaf, and Bustelo Supremo so far.

    I wasn't a fan of the Lavazza - it just had no flavor to me.

    The other two were good.

    We just got a Publix here that carries a better selection so I'm definitely planning on trying:

    (1) Illy - expensive but I've heard awesome things
    (2) Bustelo regular...if nothing else for the reusable tin!
    (3) Lavazza Oro
  2. This is what I use in my moka pot.
  3. facetime

    facetime Contributor

    FWIW, Ive been using the Verona Dark Roast (Starbucks) in my recently acquired Moka Pot and it makes a great “cuppa”. Bought it at Publix and at Target which might have been a coupla bucks cheaper. For Target, you can check online and it can show you which items are actually in stock at your local store.
  4. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    FWIW - not Italian, but finally tried Black Rifle AK-47 Espresso today.

    Had to grind the beans … anyway.

    Reminded me a little of Lavazza, which had a sour note I didn't like. This had that same note but much weaker … this one is drinkable but not displacing Bustelo Supremo. Apparently my wife and I really like the chocolate note Bustelo Supremo has.

    The AK-47, I wanted to like … the company is very good. The coffee's good but not great. Better than Lavazza, certainly, but just kind of generically OK.

    Ranking so far:

    1. Bustelo Supremo - yum
    2. Starbucks espresso (just killed a pound) - very good
    3. Black Rifle AK-47 - ok, just coffee
    4. Lavazza - sour-ish, funky
    5. Green Beans - mil-friendly company, trying to like this one, but no
    6. La Llave (good on low pressure moka pot, lousy in 15-bar machine) - not good

    Still to go: Pilon Supremo and illy

  5. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador



    Tried Pilon Gourmet this morning... All that we love in Bustelo Supremo is here and more. Just a little more chocolaty, perhaps.

    This shoots to the top of the list, to get tied with Bustelo Supremo. Note that these are both deluxe versions of both brands.

    And since the companies merged, people are suspect ...they are suspiciously similar, but wonderful.

  6. It's next on my list
  7. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Hope you like it. It's half the price or less than Illy and Lavazza.

  8. Tried the Piling Gourmet this morning.

    I like it... though can't say I like it better or worse than Bustelo
  9. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    We love the Pilon Gourmet so much, I'm already scraping the bottom of the container ...

    Chocolately rich caffeine whack! Better than Bustelo Supremo? We can't say; even could be the same ... but I can name several others it beats.

  10. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    Haven't seen this one in local markets , but online Walmart sells it. caffe.JPG
  11. Marco

    Marco Ambassador

    It's called "Antica Bottega" and it's Vergnano's top range coffee. It's available for both moka pot and espresso machine. A bit pricey, but worth every single penny IMHO. :thumbup1:
  12. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Now THAT'S a legitimate endorsement on Italian coffee! Thanks, Marco.

  13. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    About time the European contingent weighed in! Many thanks!

  14. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Since I started to grind whole coffee beans, I can never go back to pre-ground coffee. Doesn't matter how expensive or well packaged it is, tastes and smells bland compared to freshly ground just before brewing. Grinders are cheap, try em.
  15. A grinder is definitely non my wish list... pretty sure that's why I liked the Starbucks I got...it was ground for me then I brought it home.
  16. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    My house explodes with coffee aroma, even with the cheapest coffee beans. Getting a grinder was a game changer.

    I recommend buying electrical, not manual. Coffee nerds will glorify the manual ceramic Hario grinders as best, but the novelty will wear off and you'll lose patience to crank it for 5min+ every time. It gets tedious and the results are the same as electric to the normal coffee lover.
  17. Marco

    Marco Ambassador

    You're welcome, Sir. :)
  18. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Opened the illy today ... luckily, it was on sale. It's just OK.

    Ranking so far:

    1. Bustelo Supremo - yum. Tied with Pilon Gourmet for top spot
    2. Starbucks espresso (just killed a pound) - very good
    3. Black Rifle AK-47 - ok, just coffee
    4. Illy - good, Italian, but. Not lighting the world on fire. Nice can, though.
    5. Lavazza - sour-ish, funky
    6. Green Beans - mil-friendly company, trying to like this one, but no
    7. La Llave (good on low pressure moka pot, lousy in 15-bar machine) - not good

    Have come to the conclusion that there are Italian and Spanish schools of coffee thought; likely our Spanish-speaking household simply prefers the "cafe" we grew up with Bustelo/Pilon.

    Do have a grinder, BTW.

  19. Actually Spain and Latin American coffee is very different.

    I wish I could get Spanish (from Spain) espresso.

    Can't remember the process but they do something to it during the roasting process and it's amazing (kind of a love or hate thing) but I lived in Spain for a bit and miss it!

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