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Which Stores (local)

So here's what I've gathered so far:

-Proraso Shaving soaps, creams, balms and boar brush
-Caldo shave set + shaving bag
-A couple of cool bowls that you could use from the kitchen section

CVS Pharmacy
-Clubman steptic pencils
-Palmolive cream (red and green tubes)

Crabtree & Evelyn
-Edwin Jagger brushes/handles/shave sets
-Nomad/Sandalwood/Sienna/Almond shave cream/soap/cologne
-Very nice C&E shaving bags

-Art of Shaving sets
-Lucky Tiger aftershaves
-Lab Series of shave creams/aftershaves

Fry's Food & Drug
-Williams mug shaving soap
-Generic Boar Brush

Trader Joe's
-"Alba" knock-off Honey and Mango Cream Shave (very nice!)

Whole Foods Market
-Kiss My Face shave cream
-Zia Men natural shaving cream/ face wash.

So what am i missing? Are there anyother stores that are in most major cities (Phoenix?) that offer any more than this? I'm looking for items that I can get in the store, as opposed to online. Thanks-
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