Which simpsons to purchase?

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    Currently using EJ Medium Best Badger and would like to upgrade to a better brush

    Filtered to the following

    Colonel 2XL
    Commodore X2/X3

    The 2 above seems to be the value range.

    Also, saw that the Duke 2 and 3 are within my budget albeit expensive.

    I'm a face lather and I'm using the following soap now
    cade , dr harris arlington, tabac ,

    omega, palmolive, arko

    Which should you guys suggest

    In the future, I think I will convert mostly to soap to cream ratio of 70 - 30.

    Which one would you guys suggest for a face latherer using more soaps than cream?

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  1. The Colonel gets a lot of love right now, but I'm just not a fan of the handle. I'm getting a Commodore X2 for Christmas. I can't tell you how they compare from actual use, but I did just recently go through this same decision process. I'd say pick the handle you like best.
  2. Exactly. The two knots - at least among the X2Ls and X2s I've owned or handled - are similar, though there's individual variation even within one model. The X2L is, for me, more comfortable for gripping in a variety of ways, while the X2 lends itself best to a single grip style.

    As regards the Duke, you're getting into denser knots there, which will affect facefeel and lathering. Neither good nor bad, just different.
  3. If you can swing it the Duke in best is the way to go.
  4. I also started with an EJ Best brush. I upgraded to a Colonel and haven't looked back, but you really can't go wrong with any of the options you posted.
  5. The Colonel was my first brush and still my "go to" brush. It lathers well on the face and in the bowl. I'd say give "The Colonel" a try.
  6. Thanks for your assurance.

    I understand that all the brush above will fit the bill :)

    I was wondering if anyone here has 3 of them to provide some comparison.

    I can swing for the Duke 3 but is it necessary? I don't mind a Commodore X3 or the Colonel X2L.

  7. I recently purchased a Colonel and really love the size and performance. One word of caution... it seems to shed for a LONG time. I think it is finally starting to settle down.
  8. +1. Dave recommended this brush to me when I was posing the same question as you two months ago. I can't thank him enough. If you can swing the Duke 3 in Best, pull the trigger. It is a marvelous brush in my opinion. A solid performer every time.
  9. I have the Duke 2, which has a bit of a stubby handle. But since I face lather, I really enjoy the size. I had an Ehsan (the Colonel in Super Badger) which was a great brush. I think that if you're not bowl lathering, however, the Duke is a better option.
  10. Marco

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    If the Dukes are in your price range, get a Duke. It's up to you if you prefer the smaller size 2 or the larger size 3. Both are truly AMAZING.
  11. I had a Colonel, but went to smaller handles and knots when I started face lathering and sold it. My favorite of the smaller Simpson brushes is the Duke 1. I prefer it to the Duke 2. It's not as dense and releases lather easier.
  12. The Duke 3 is my everyday brush. I also thought the price of the Duke was a little too much but thought...if I don't get it now I will regret it and get it anyway. My first impression was that it was a lather hog and too dense. I used an Omega boar before which was completely different. After breaking it in and adjusting my technique (I'm a face lather) I absolutely love the brush. I will use my Omega just to get some use out of it and I also have a Wee Scot for travel.
  13. I've had both the Duke 2 and Duke 3. I am also a face latherer, but the duke 2 was just too short in the loft of the bristles. Now the Duke 3 is a completely different story. I love the brush and frankly, its probably my favorite of the 8 simpsons brushes I own. It has great density, but not too much. I don't like super dense brushes. It has great flow through for lather, so is not a lather hog. In my opinion, its an incredibly versatile brush that's as home with a cream as a soap.
  14. Greyfox,
    How does the Duke 3 compare to the Chubby 1?
  15. Dripp,
    How does the Duke 3 compare to the Chubby 1?
  16. Rover, Commodore X3, and 57 here. I use all 3 in rotation.
    I'd give just a bit of an edge to the 57 over the Commodore, but honestly I don't see $20 worth of difference.
  17. I've not owned the chubby 1, but I did own the chubby 2 for a while but sold it. It was simply too dense for my taste. I know the forum loves the brush, but I preferred my duke 3 by a long shot. The chubby was a beast of a brush whereas the duke is the right compromise of density without being over dense.
  18. OK guys, thanks for the input.

    Gotten the Duke 3. Cheers.
  19. Let us know how you like it.

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