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Which shaving cream to try next?

So far I have tried:

Proraso (green tube)
Taylors Shave Shop

I really like everything about the Proraso. I like the lather and shave from the Taylors, but the aroma leaves something to be desired - it smells "mediciney" to me with just slight citrus hints.

So what should I try next? From reading the forums, it seems like the following are big favorites:

Taylors Avocado
Salters Mint
Trumpers Coconut or Almond
Musgo Real (though some hate the lanolin because of brush clogging or allergies)
C&E Almond

How about T&H? The Ultimate Comfort or the regular scented ones? Which ones?
There are so many choices out there. The ones you list are as good as any, but in that list I would place the Salter Mint and Trumper offerings a cut above. Don't bother with T&H Ultimate Comfort, but their classic series is excellent.Don't miss their West Indian Limes :drool:
What about a sampler from DR. Sample himself, MR. Scottto? This would be a great way to get your feet wet.
Cheers, DJ.
I highly recommend you to try out the following samples from Scotto:
- Trumpers Violet
- Taylors Rose
- Trumpers Coconut
- Taylors Avocado
- T&H West Indian Limes

That's what I ordered and I gotta say, these creams all shave superb! I'm currently playing a bit with soaps and my 2 soap based shaves have been better than any other cream based shaves, but that's most likely just a coincidence. :001_smile

As DJ mentioned, there's no better way to sample the creams without passing by John (Scotto).
I highly reccommend Scotto's samples for deciding what you'll like -- you'll get 3-5 shaves out of each one.

I've enjoyed both the Trumper's and Harris Almond as well, the T&H limes smell is divine, and I've completely fell in love with the Salter Citrus.
Yeah, samples (either from Scotto or the producers themselves if available) are the way to go to get a sense of what's out there. Personally I don't think you can go wrong with Trumper's Violet. Castle Forbes is obscenely expensive but incredible as well.

The West Indian Limes is excellent.

Personally I can't suggest the the Geo. F. Trumper Violet as the scent is enough to gag you.

YMMV of course and that's why this is so much fun! :biggrin:
Also, if you pick up something you just can't stand, put it up on the for sale board here and someone will surely take it off your hands.
I'd suggest anything by Trumper, D.R. Harris, Art of Shaving, or Coate's (except possibly their Tea Tree Oil). These creams tend to be consistent throughout their different fragrances, so you should go for the fragrances you think you would like.

Salter's Mint, a wonderfully different cream that's blue. If you get some you won't be disappointed. I have been a Trumper man for ages but if the impending price rises are too high Salters is set to win my custom. Ok, I have a couple of years supply before I really need to buy anything but I feel I must have a contingency!
I love the Coates tea tree oil as I get phenominal shaves off of it. :)

I love the T&H Rose as well, excellent shaves and moisturization.
If you haven't picked your scents yet, I'll throw in my suggestion to try both Taylor Avocado and DEFINITELY T&H Limes (a real new favorite, which I found I prefered to Castle Forbes, btw. Am anxiously awaiting my tub, which seems to be delayed in the mails). I don't necessarily agree about passing on the T&C Ultimate Comfort. I have it an really like it. I suppose the scent isn't that exciting, but it's pleasant.
Here are the scents I chose for my samples:

Taylors Avocado
Trumper Coconut
Trumper Almond
T&H West Indian Limes
T&H Trafalgar
Salter Mint
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