Which shavette should I buy?

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    I'm looking at getting a shavette that uses halved blades. Partly because I don't want to be locked into buying AC blades and partly because I've got over 1300 DE blades now.
    I'm looking at the Parkers, especially the SRX because it gets good reviews on Amazon and because Parkers seem to be looked favorably upon on forums like this. I love my Feather AC but I hate being limited to only a few blades. Thoughts?
  1. What about shavettes that use full-DE blades? I wholeheartedly recommend the Italian Universal Rasoio a Mano Libera, a stainless steel shavette that takes full-DE blades. Very little blade exposure so the blade is held tightly and doesn't flex.

    If you don't mind something in the Feather price range, consider the Focus Slim Al - also Italian and built to last. This one takes half-DE blades. This one is interesting because it covers the blade corners, and in so doing, also stiffens the blade.
  2. I had similar concerns about investing in the Feather AC system, but I was slowly talked into it. I don’t regret doing it at all! In the last 3-4 months my SR/shavette shaves have improved to be a half step under my DE shaves. Instead of full BBS, I’m getting 80% (boo hoo) :001_rolle

    The Feather SS I got played no small part in that. It’s been in my daily rotation since I got it.
  3. Ive got both of the Feather SSs, folding and Kamisori. They're great but then I'm stuck with using AC style blades. Not to mention DE blades are so much cheaper and I've got over 1300 of them on hand now. That's like a 25 year supply of blades. Lol
    I think right now, I'm leaning towards the Parker SR1. I like the black handle.
  4. Sorry I totally missed that you already had those!

    Parkers have their following for a reason, usually they are pretty good though on the light side! I’d side with @rudyt though and say the Italian Universal shavette, full blade or half, or if you don’t want the import cost, Vanta shavettes get some good marks too.
  5. You might want to take a look at The Holy Black website. It has the look, feel , and weight of a straight.
  6. The IBC razor can use DE, injector, and feather blades.
  7. I have not used the Parker SRB but it looks like a good shavette.

    My main thought is not to have too high expectations unless you have already mastered a traditional or AC straight. I tried using a Universal shavette years ago after getting a start with the Artist Club style but kept getting bitten often enough that I set it aside and have never picked it up again. I should try it again as my technique and feel have improved but the point remains is that it requires even more skill to use effectively.
  8. Ive got both Feather AC razors (folding and Kami), as well as a couple Gold Dollars that I get good results from. Ive also got a vintage Timor that Im working on restoring, which belonged to my wife's late father.
    At some point, I think I will probably want to go strictly to straights and use the Gold Dollars are my daily shavers, with the occasional shave with the Timor but for right now, Ive got all these DE blades that Im sitting on and Id hate to waste them.
    I actually love the Feather AC but again, you cant use DE blades with them and I really dont want to switch to something that only uses the AC blades. I always got great shaves with the Feathers, with almost no nicks or cuts and about 90% BBS. So, I feel confident that I can pick up a shavette that uses DE blades. I always see people talk about how difficult the Feather AC is because of how wicked sharp the blades are but I never found it to be all that bad.
    I ended up pulling the trigger on a Parker SRB.
  9. I have the Dovo stainless, it's really neat one.. still after i changed to the Feather DX i wouldnt go back.. but since you are looking for half DE blades, the Dovo is good enough :)
  10. +1 as rudyt said. The universal shavette Full blade is the one that I have not regret buying and enjoy a lot using it. Prefect balance, grip, weight and shave. I think you will like it.

  11. I'm not a fan of the cheap looking, plastic blade holder.
  12. Shavettes are rarely good looking. But once they are mastered, they are beautiful shavers.

    But it seems that you ordered a Parker. Enjoy it and let us know how it shaves.
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  13. My issues with the Dovo arent that it looks cheap as in it, "looks cheap", what I mean is that it looks like it will break quickly. I just trust metal more than I do plastic. I know that some people own the Dovo and they really like it but Im yet to see a barber using one. All of the barbers Ive ever been to use metal shavettes with the design like the Parker has or use Feather ACs. YMMV, though...
  14. I understand. I would like to change the plastic scales to my Universal Lama Intera shavette too, but don't know with what yet...
  15. First shave with the Parker this evening. I like it. I use the Shark blades that it came with and theyre not bad. It gave me a nice, 2-pass DFS shave with no nicks or irritation.
  16. Excellent! Congratulations!

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