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Which Sensor Razor compatible Cart is smoothest, is sharpest?

I understand Gillette makes/ has made Sensor 2 blade carts in many plants around the world. Are some factories making better carts than others?
Are the NOS Sensor carts from the ‘90’s better or worse than those made today?
Are other makers of compatible carts as good or better than Gillette made Sensor carts?
Gillette made Sensor blades in Boston and Berlin, when the new products were introduced the Sensor plant was moved or new plant introduced to Lodz, Poland and the middle of nowhere in Brazil.

The only Sensor compatible carts are the Triflexx from Personna. Personally, I am not a fan. YMMV.

I haven't seen NOS 90's carts. The modern incarnations are Blue3 and Sensor3 carts and disposables. Sensor Excel twin blades were available in Europe until a few years ago.
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