Which Razors Do You Hate?!

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    Some razors are just awful!

    Which are in your murderers' row? I'm not going to include 99 cent razors form China! Here is my number one the Parker 99R Open Comb Butterfly. I find it aggressive yet inefficient; the worst combination of features. It's blade fussy and every blade I load it with produces a very uncomfortable and very inefficient shave. I dropped it from my rotation.

    What razors do you hate and why?
  1. The Stahly Live Blade vibrating razor, from circa 1946 to 1978. The concept was good and the engineering was impressive, but they were not user friendly. I've bought two and they both froze up when fully wound up, after being used for only several weeks. Also they were big, heavy and cumbersome. They were not friendly to a hand that is elderly or arthritic.

    The heads are comfortable and efficient to shave with in the non-vibrating mode. Consequently, I've made a Frankenstein razor out of one, mounting it on a thick Gillette Tech handle.
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    Gillette Slim Twist. It is what I used because it was cheap and the razor blades (generic) were cheap. Every shave was painful. I still have it and wonder if the Astra SP blades will make a difference. Still too gun-shy though.
  3. DE89/R89. I feel sorry for how this razor gets recommended to newbies.
  4. iKon X3 Slant. Zero blade feeling.
  5. Are you sure about the Parker model number? The 99R is a solid bar razor. I own one and use it regularly. A quick look at the Parker distributer's website doesn't show any open comb butterfly razor. There are a number of OC three piece razors however.

    I also find it to be fairly mild and not fussy about blades. It is a little fussy about the angle that you hold it against your face when you shave, the range is narrow.

    As to razors I hate, I have very limited experience, I have only owned 4 DE razors and like them all. I'm either lucky or don't know any better.

  6. The Van der Hagen with VDH blades. I thought my problems were coming from technique, yet half of them disappeared when I went to GSBs, the other half left when I got my antique razors.
  7. Havnt found a razor i disliked, but ive only tried 3. But mother of god, VDH blades are horrible.

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  8. Fatip Grande

    When I started DE shaving in November 2014, I wasn't progressing as fast enough with my Weishi 9306 for my liking, so I had the bright idea of "upgrading" to a Fatip Grande !!
    As soon as it was delivered, I sold the Weishi so there was no going back - in hindsight I'd never even heard of B&B, so I genuinely didn't know any better !!
    I got a baptism by fire with the Fatip and developed my technique the hard way - I've still got a pink inch long vertical scar on my Adam's apple to prove it
    I added more razors to my rotation and found them all easier, smoother and more comfortable to shave with than the Fatip.
    In December 2015, I was using all my other razors on a regular basis, but only using the Fatip once in a blue moon, and whenever I used it, I always wished that I hadn't
    I sold the Fatip on eBay and made back most of what I'd paid for it - I bought a Weishi 9306CEL with the profits

    Two valuable lessons learned...........

    1) The Weishi 9306CEL is living proof that I should have persevered with my original Weishi
    2) I wouldn't want another Fatip Grande even if it was free (unless I was allowed to sell it)

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    I'm curious about this as well since the the only the only OC razors Parker has are three piece as stated above and the 99R is a solid bar TTO.
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    I've not been able to get a comfortable shave from the Slim Twist yet. I really wanted to like it, but I just can't.
  11. Perhaps I have the wrong number (I took it from their website) but it's the only butterfly like this they have. It has a fairly long handle. The razor that I'm describing is certainly not mild. It's aggressive, and nasty and inefficient. Yuk!
  12. Two more to add to my rogues gallery: The RR Teck II and DE I from China. Horrible. Some say that they are an "improvement" on the Gillette Tech. Don't believe it. They are really inefficient. By the way, I really like many RR razors, and my current favorite is their Wunderbar slant.
  13. I also find the Fatip Grande and indifferent performer, but I really like a similar looking razor the Schone Italian open comb. The latter is wonderful!
  14. It might be the 66R
  15. The butterfly is the Parker 66R. It's sometimes re-branded.
  16. Sorry 66R
  17. Yes, but don't you find it to be really efficient?
  18. Yep I agree. I have no idea why people are always recommending this as a first shaver. There are much better options now for any beginner.
  19. My mistake it a 66R, and not an open comb, but I still hate it!

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