Which razor should a try next? Newbie.

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by R1nzler, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. I'm an enabler, get them all. I have 12 razors, 3 adjustables, even on the same setting each shave differently, and I prefer diferrent blades in each. The same with my superspeeds, and old types. I prefer the vintage gillettes, but there are some really good new aggressive razors out there. You might get a Futur, or a fatip, or any that have been suggested and find they are not for you, or that they are the best shave ever. Only one way to find out.
  2. PAA bakelite then. Open comb and slant and very different than anything you have while still maintaining some aggressiveness. Only $20 too.

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  3. I dont think there is any magical de razor,you just waste money trying to find one that doesnt exist,i have a r41 ,2xslant bars ,and a couple others they all work.they are all just blade holders.
  4. Bakelite razors are very different in terms of weight and balance. The Merkur 45 might fit the bill if you're looking for a little change. Efficient but very smooth. Razorock also makes an OC head you could use with the Mission handle.
  5. I just posted a thread on the Ming Shi 2000s Futur clone. A bargain and a very good razor. The RR German 37 is awesome and easily the best budget slant on the market. If you want to push out the boat try the Wunderbar slant from RazoRock. The best razor I've ever used. The Ikon X3 slant is very efficient and the Maggard slant is a very good too.

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