Which razor should a try next? Newbie.

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by R1nzler, Mar 19, 2017.

    Just started DE shaving a little.over a month ago.

    I started with a weishi, but found it wayy to mild.

    So i moved on to a RedTip which seems to be the perfect aggressiveness for quick careless shaves, no blood.

    Now i just picked up slim, which at 7 i got my first weeper, wasnt being too careful.

    Before i got the slim i was thinking of doing a fatboy, but now i have reconsidered, as the slim head makes it really easy to get under nose hairs, and i wouldnt want anything for sure with a larger profile than my redtip.

    Budget ide like to stay under $100.
    I dont wanna go too much less aggressive than a slim on 5, or red tip. More aggressive is fine.

    So i was kinda leaning towards a futur or some sort of slant, just to try something new.


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  1. A Gillette Pre war fat handle Tech. Wont cost much and its a great razor. Also a Gillette Single Ring More aggressive than a Tech Can be had Very reasonable. Just my opinion. :001_cool:
  2. +1

    Pre-war Tech and an OLD type, best razors ever made! :thumbsup:
  3. I have a Post war Canadian Tech give me a wonderful shaves. I need to get a Pre war Tech sometime to see the difference. :001_tt2:
  4. I don't mean to barge in on this but I figured I have the same question, and didn't wanna post the same thing

    I have the RR Mission and it doesn't seem very aggressive what would be the next step up, to from this Razor?,
  5. GlazedBoker

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    An Old Type would be something worth looking into. Or an adjustable could do the trick, like a Variant or Rockwell 6s. Since you already have a Gillette adjustable, there are so many to chose from. The Futur for some not as maneuverable around the nose/mustache area, though never an issue for me. Plenty of razors to choose from out there and plenty under $100... Good luck.
  6. An OLD or maybe a Gillette Rocket HD if you're going vintage.
  7. Fatip Piccolo. Nice little all-brass open comb razor. Also costs about 30 bucks. Pretty aggressive, but effective too - especially on a 2-3 days stubble.

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  8. Chango

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    Muhle R41
  9. G-Dogg

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    Do this. You will not regret it.
  10. I have to ask, do you really want to get another razor after only a month of DE shaving? You might want to stick with what you have for a while, enjoy them, learn more about how each shaves, while continuing to research other razors. You may find yourself leaning towards a particular type of razor in another few months, or even decide to try out straights. Just a thought.

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  11. Buy the excellent RR Mentor head.
  12. Absolutely, on the Fatip Piccolo. If you collect vintage, current production, or both, the Piccolo in my opinion is a must have. For a current production razor it transcends time, and is so smooth and efficient (and it is all stamped brass for twenty dollars).
  13. Vintage Gillette Old. Closest DE to a straight shave.
  14. I do really love my gillettes, im not tied to vintage at all. Im just looking to try something different.

    The piccolo and the rockwell 6s look pretty interesting.

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  15. RealPretendPsychic

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    I'd definitely recommend going open comb or slant! The Gillette Old or New would be a great OC and I've heard great things about Fatip as well. You've got plenty of slant options and I've had good experience with the RazoRock 37, which is a nice budget option.

  16. I concur with these thoughts. You have a Slim (i know under the nose is not ideal for you). Crank it up and shave if you want aggressive. Shave for 3 months trying what you have. I, like you, went up the razor aggression ladder when I was first starting out. Now I have 6 razors I never use. Try using sharper/est blades in your razors. That can change the shave dramatically.

    But if you must buy something get something cheap. RR slab, PAA bakelight, etc.
  17. Get a muhle R41. You won't get anything significantly more aggressive than it. Or try the Parker Variant.
  18. Just quit while you're ahead!

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  19. i dont need more aggressive. I just dont want much less aggressive.

    Im mostly looking for something that may give me a different experience. Which i think a slant or opencomb may fit the bill.

    Its like i started with a Toyota camry, moved to a mustang, then to a corvette.

    Now i wanna try a Tesla or turbo model T.

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