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Which Razor Material Lasts Longest?

Most of our razors, regardless of the material, will outlast us.
I agree. In this market segment, I believe the Ti, Al, SS and bronze, etc. are all “over“-engineered to buyers who want a premium product. Nonetheless, I buy them. Having written the definitive post on this topic, I will henceforth refrain from debating the size quality of my metal.
Most vintage razors are made of plated brass or bakelite. Naked bronze, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum are a recent thing. I would also think that most razors will outlast us. But I´m wondering how fast an aluminum razor will wear out in heavy-duty conditions. Especially on the threads level. Are there vintage 3-piece aluminum razors to testify?
And one last thought about naked bronze. Bronze needs regular polishing otherwise it stains. If humidity conditions get too bad some verdigris will consume the metal. I´m wondering if a bronze razor needs constant care. Will a bronze razor loosen its tolerances after 100s of times of polishing?
Plated brass, stainless steel, titanium and bakelite seem to be the safest bets for longevity IMO.