Which razor for a Personna injector blade?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by albsat, Jun 16, 2019.

    Hello there,

    I am somehow forcing myself to enjoy the Personna injector blade. It works nice but I don't like the blade feeling which is a bit harsh on my face. The Chinese Schick blade feels much smoother. Both blades last a lot.

    However I think that blade type and razor should go always well together to get a nice shave.

    So, if you enjoy the Personna blade, please tell us what razor are you using?

    Thank you
  1. Just stick with Schick.
  2. That is already an option. I don't to waste 20 Personna blades. One more reason to try a new injector razor.
  3. Schick razor, or Schick blades?
  4. Blades. I didn’t have any luck with Personna injector blades. DE-wise they were one of my favorite (the reds) but in injector I found them a)harsh and b) short lived

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  5. The Personna injector blades IMO work best in later model Schick injectors. The I Model and all those after it.

    That is just my subjective opinion.
  6. I get three good shaves from the Personna injector blades, maybe 4, before the aftershave burn starts.
  7. The Personna injector blades work pretty well in the Supply razor, if not quite as well as Schicks.
  8. Good to know.
  9. pbrmhl

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    I’ve got a ton of vintage Personna twin blades in injector cartridges. I really like how they work in the late-model Schick razors (I models and thereafter). I’ve not tried a modern Personna in the injector format.

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