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Which razor for a Personna injector blade?

Hello there,

I am somehow forcing myself to enjoy the Personna injector blade. It works nice but I don't like the blade feeling which is a bit harsh on my face. The Chinese Schick blade feels much smoother. Both blades last a lot.

However I think that blade type and razor should go always well together to get a nice shave.

So, if you enjoy the Personna blade, please tell us what razor are you using?

Thank you
Blades. I didn’t have any luck with Personna injector blades. DE-wise they were one of my favorite (the reds) but in injector I found them a)harsh and b) short lived

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The Personna injector blades IMO work best in later model Schick injectors. The I Model and all those after it.

That is just my subjective opinion.


I’ve got a ton of vintage Personna twin blades in injector cartridges. I really like how they work in the late-model Schick razors (I models and thereafter). I’ve not tried a modern Personna in the injector format.