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Which razor brand did you want to love but you sold them all?

I wanted to love ATT but their razors just never clicked with me. I've had 4 of them.
Rex Ambassador, sits at my office at work as a late day spare until I figure out what to do with it.
Actually I sold all my Fatips (4). I thing their design is just not for me. I always have a problem shaving with them. Wanted to love Fatip razors but they are so uncomfortable for my skin (old grande, new grande and piccolo, and gentile). I was enthusiastic at first but the problems remained. I'm sorry Fatip...
Rex envoy and karve. Envoy is just way to aggresive for me, its given me the bloodiest shave out off all the de's ive ever used. Karve is great for my with and cross grain passes, but when it comes to my 3rd against the grain pass, i just cant seem to get bbs in my harder to reach areas and end up with lots of irritation before getting deisired results.
Rockwell 6S. From all the DE razors i've owned, the 6S is the most expensive by far and one of my greatests shaving disappointments. It's not as efficient as I would like it to be and I kept it for a while with the hopes that I might get used to it or find the perfect blade for it or improve my technique although the razor was noob proof. Even after months of trying to shave with it on plate 6 with a Feather blade, I just couldn't get the results I want and I had to sell it. I really wanted to like it, since I hoped to use it as my main modern razor for the rest of my life without being afraid that something can happen to it, because it's built like a tank and I think even dropping it won't do anything to it.

I've also learned a few valuable lessons, which are - don't buy every hyped razor (especially if it's expensive) just because others like it and to stay away from razors with brushed and matt finishes on their heads, because they just don't glide well for me.
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I liked the way the OC and gentile heads shaved...in fact, I really liked them!

But screwing around with the blade alignment was just too much for me!
A few years ago I bought an ATT set, and really wanted to like it, but just couldn't understand the blade fixing mechanism based on two tiny pins. Had to send it back.
What do you feel didn't work for you with the ATT razors?
To be clear, I think these are a viable choice, they just didn't work for me. I found the stainless models to be overly heavy for my tastes. It seemed they were all too mild or too aggro for me. They just never clicked with me.
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