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    I have a few Schick injectors, four AC razors and a couple of GEM-types, and would like to add a Pal Injectomatic to my SE collection. The Schick I like best is my E1, with the later ones I have being a bit mild for my tastes, although still good. So, which Pal razor would be a good one to try? Did Injectomatics get milder over the years, as the Schicks seemed to do, or were they fairly consistent? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  1. In my experience, the American PAL Injectomatic shaves pretty much like a Schick Type G or I, but the British-made PAL injectomatics are a little more aggressive. They shave more like a Schick Type E. Except for the PAL adjustable, there are no other models available.
  2. get an adjustable the find the setting you like
  3. True, but I much prefer the Injectomatic format.
  4. 79CC835F-453B-4909-9180-889EACA06C0E.jpeg EF1D39C9-311E-4CD1-B09D-9E938860B37F.jpeg Hi, new to here...after a bit of advice really. Just picked up the below items from a bootsale...see photos...and was wondering if anyone knew if they’re worth anything? Both unused and the box has never been opened, handle is grey not black as it’s come out in the photos. Thanks in advance, Rob
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    Hi Rob and welcome to the forum. We don’t do valuations or appraisals on the forum. Your best bet would be to search the razors on eBay and then look at completed sales. This should give you some idea.
  6. Just keep that and use it, Rob. That is probably the prettiest Brit PAL Injectomatic that I've seen.

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