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I recently got an acclaimed EJ DE86 (black handle), and while it is a very nice razor, I think it isn't for me, so I'm going to stick to open combs. I had a NEW head (short toothed) that I liked a lot, the blade lay flat on the teeth. Could anyone recommend an open comb which holds a blade flat to it's teeth?
Mühle R41 is a nice open comb. I believe the head is made by Merkur and is the same as the Merkur OC head, but the R41 has a nicer finish.
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Of the newer razors I find the Muehle R41 to be a very decent open comb though I prefer the NEW Gillettes.
Merkur 11c is the most recent open comb I used, and it would fit the bill. It's a good shaver, although I prefer the New. Micromatic is always a good thing to try too. I guess I haven't used a DE, at all, for over a month now.
I used the Muhle R41 OC as my everyday razor for about a year, and for me it was an excellent shaver. And I got good results with inexpensive Derby blades.

On the R41 the blade lies directly on the combs, them Gillette NEW head has the blade lifted just above the combs.
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