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Which one? Simpsons Chubby 2 or Tulip 3 (both Super)?!


I'm thinking of taking the plunge and grabbing one of the two, which I'd normally try both if I hadn't the Eagle G3 or the B&B LE09 on the way still.

I already have a PJ2 in 2-band, so I am looking for a brush that is a little larger that might be perfect for creams. Is the larger knot size on the Chubby worth the extra cost over the T3? I have a 26mm Shavemac in Super, so I do like the larger brushes.

Does anyone have both that can compare which one does certain thing better or worse?

I have two Simpson's brushes on the way- the B+B Eagle and a Wee Scot but I haven't tried either of the models that interest you. The Chubby is a gorgeous looking brush and is on my wish list!
I have a chubby 2 super, Duke 3 best and a Rooney Heritage 2band . They are all totally different beasts. The Chubby2 is so big and dense it's my favorite when I shave my head and face, which i do every 3 days . The Rooney is great for my face ,which i preferably face lather.
Have not tried the Tulip...YET...and based on my very positive experience with the CH1, I'd say go for the CH2...though whichever way you jump...they're both extremely well loved brushes and you just can't go wrong with either!!!
As an owner of a CH2 and a T4, it is a toss-up. Tulip perhaps has less backbone and greater flow thru. Both quality brushes.(both in my sock drawer in their respective boxes.... While I use the 2 band Grosvenor exclusively)
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