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Which one should I buy after 34c?

I had both the .68 and .84 heads, back then I shaved every 2-3 days so gave away the .68 as it required too much buffing. The .68 felt close to the 3 plate, the .84 slightly more blade feel than plate 5 but still very smooth. While the GCs do shave very nicely, I find the Rockwell shaves more intuitively and is less likely to cause irritation. As of late, my Henson AL13 medium has taken over from the Rockwell but I still have three 6Ss left in the den..
Thanks :) really enjoying trying so many razors :) I do want to see if the Ti version of the Henson is a touch smoother in skin drag feel over the al I have :) those are great comfy razors might have to try a rockwell to and a karve and ….
Just shaved with the Merkur 34C with a Kai blade & it definitely upped the efficiency of the 34C. According to Refine Shave the blades get sharper after the first use. Impressed.
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