Which is your favorite GEM/EVER-READY RAZOR ?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by SixCats!, Jul 20, 2019.

    Sorry about that. I think I meant Twelvefret.
  1. I’m going way on topic and awarding my personal top prize to the bumpy chrome MMOC.

    I like ‘em all, but the 24 Shovelhead has a special place in my heart, even though I try to load the blade backwards and then let it fall out when I open the head. Counter-intuitive! :001_rolle But I love the shave.
  2. I think you meant me, brother Steve. Thank you for the clarification. Like I said, I use the one on the right for all of my GEM razors.
  3. The one I've used that gives me the best shave is the MMOC. Weird ergonomics for me, but it does the best job. I like the others I have: MMCP, 1912s, ER LLC, Damaskeene SB. Would love to try a Damaskeene OC, or a lather catcher -- but I'm generally getting good enough shaves and don't REALLY need another rabbit hole...

  4. I own or have owned most of the GEM/Ever Ready razors but my favorite is the 1912 closely followed by the ER 1914.
  5. I would have to go with the 1912. Or at least the brass one that I have. It just works. And I love the style. I want to try a 1914 tho.
  6. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I like my Gem razors and have a few Everready's also.
    For my medium beard type and skin type there are few that I enjoy the most part, I can shave with any Gem and have shaved with a lot of them and they are truly some of the best razors out there.
    1st - the Gem 1912 all brass razor-MFG in 1921 model with the new double life blade. Gem 1912 (2).jpg
    2nd- Gem Junior Bar 1907 lather catcher- its like going back in time and the razor will give any razor a run for quality of shave. LC2 (2).jpg
    3rd -Gem Damaskeene open comb 1912-15 or the GEM Micromatic flying wing 1948 my model, just great razors. Damaskeene OC (2).jpg Gem flying wing (2).jpg
    4th- Gem featherweight is a lot fun to use and gives a great shave. Gem Feather weight (2).jpg
    I like all my Gems and just recently bought a GEM junior 1912 with the baton handle.
    Most GEM razors are affordable still and one of the best kept secrets out there IMO and give me good results with good technique. Results are usally CCS,DFS,BBS in this range WTG + ATG + cleanup pass.
    Have some great shaves!
  7. Gotta say: just for giggles last week I pulled out the Little Lather Catcher. I hadn't used it for a while and was in the mood to clean out the Shave Cave a little. Give it a chance to spin my toque, like that. Or send it to a new home if it didn't.

    I was pleasantly surprised. Fresh PTFE blade, some care and attention, and I got a good shave. Good enough that I left the razor out for Friday's shave. That went well enough that I'll use it for Monday's shave.

    I only don't like the little dinky handles. They're OK but not to my taste. I pawed through the bits-n-bobs bin yesterday and came up with a piece of 5/8" copper rod stock. Two days worth of hand filing later I have a nice 3.5" handle for the LLC or any other razor of similar vintage. I'll post pics elsewhere, probably in SOTD.

  8. Really glad to hear things are improving with the Little Lather Catcher!
  9. I think a heavier handle (gotta get out the scale...) will give it some mass and momentum.

    I had to show it a little love -- you TALC guys won't let me bring it in the door over there. [grin] Not complaining. I'll have my entrance ticket stamped in a couple of weeks. But I'll make ya wait to find out about that one...

  10. All of them. But the Gem Jr. Streamline and G are standouts for me.
  11. I've found that I like the early 1900s razors better then the later models. I have an MMOC that I thought I liked, but gives me some rough shaves. Not giving up on it, but it's not my favorite. I absolutely love my Gem Jr Bar lather catcher. I haven't had a single bad shave from it. My Ever Ready lather catcher and Gem 1912 aren't bad shavers, but don't give me as clean a shave. I just shaved with a Damaskeene open comb this morning and had a pleasurable experience with it, but only time will tell if this will become my favorite.
  12. I only own one single edge so far, but that may change in the near future. I picked this one up a few weeks ago, and have fallen in love with the challenges it has brought with it. I normally use my Rockwell 6S, and started reading this single edge stuff that's floating around here. Needless to say, I found this razor pretty aggressive at first, but I'm starting to really develop my technique as to where it's become a very enjoyable experience! I think I like this thing!

  13. Nice MMOC! They're a good little shaver, but I agree that they have a (fairly short) learning curve.

  14. Once you develop your technique, a MMOC is a joy to use.
  15. The Clog Pruf Peerless. This is a much better razor than the standard Clog Pruf. It is about as close to a Goldilocks razor for the way I shave. It is not too aggressive or mild and efficient enough to get to a BBS without or minimal depending prep irritation for me.

    The difference visually between the standard and peerless when looking to buy one is the teeth on the guard. The peerless is the one on the right with more teeth.
  16. Off to count teeth!!

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  17. Just a quick comment, I have had recent trouble with my 1912 star models. Couldn't figure out why I went from fabulous shaves to weepers every time and irritation. Figured it out today, I had switched from my Everready and the British made model to try out the Stars. I also forgot their front teeth and tray are different. Did my face and head with the British Everready today and not one weeper. I did buffing in spots without xtg today after the first pass but it still was a night and day difference.
  18. Learn something every day here, my Gem Clog pruf is the peerless model, can't remember if I have even tried it , I tried it or the mmoc and had a rough go, looks like I need to try them both soon.
  19. Besides having more teeth I think they only made them in brass without any plating also. The reason for the peerless designation besides for nomenclature purposes to differentiate the 2 is that was the name of the set the razor was sold in. Far as I know they never put a standard Clog Pruf in that particular set.

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