Which is your favorite GEM/EVER-READY RAZOR ?

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    Brother six, this is the blade you want, the only blade. GEM - Stainless Steel PTFE Coated - $0.50 each - Double Edge Razor Blade

    Surely you've seen this.
    GEM5.jpg GEM instructions1.jpg

    Note the instructions are not then same, the angles differ. Use the instructions on the right for the MMOC. I've not tried the one on the left, but use all of my GEM collection the same as the MMOC and the BMMOC.

    For me the first generation and subsequent open comb sans the two bumps are the more efficient razor per stroke I possess in my safety razor collection. I am sure it will be the same with you once you get a decent blade and follow the GEM instructions.

    Cheers bro.:)
  1. I love my damaskeene open comb and my G-bar. However, I think I like my flying wing with the guiding eye the best!
  2. @Twelvefret, Twelve, I'm confused. Is not the Blades I use/purchased from Pharmapacks the same ones you are recommending or are they different ? Am I missing something ?


    Oooh, yes, I've seen the instructions (well, the ones/link on the (L)

  3. No sir, those are not the coated blades. Those are what I would use in a box cutter or to clean windows.

    I would be happy to send you a couple for an eval, but you can order them yourself from Try A Blade. The coated ones are .30 cents each on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=gem coated blades

    So, make sure the MMOC top is near flat against your face. This is too good of a design for me to allow you to fail.
  4. Those don't appear to be PTFE coated. You want these.

    GEM by Personna Stainless Coated Single Edge Razor Blades

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  5. Those are not coated with PTFE, but are suitable for shaving as is any 3-faceted SE blade. The uncoated SS blades have their fans, but most of us prefer the PTFE-coated ones.
  6. My favorites - 1914 Little Lather Catcher, 1908 Junior Bar, Pushbutton, Clog Pruf, 1924.
  7. My favorite Gem blade razor is the Gem 1912.

    Those are the ones I have been using, to good effect, but most people prefer the PTFE coated blades.

  8. I will check it out - think there are 3 LCs lurking around here, I may have already been to visit the TALC
  9. I like those blades. I can get 8 or 9 comfortable shaves out of one of those blades.
  10. G-bar, love its shave, love its design, its perfectly weighted IMHO.
  11. Hi all,

    Ooooh damn! I can't believe I ordered the wrong Blades! OK, I will soon place an order for the "coated" Blades. My "Guts" (and my Face) was telling me "something" wasn't right. This should be interesting!
    Thanks all.

  12. pbrmhl

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    My favorite, by far, is the MMOC with the two bumps. I've got three of them, and my favorite I bought recently on a BST keracoated by Delta Echo. I hadn't used a Gem-blade razor for a couple of years until I acquired this gem (yes, I saw what I did) a week ago. I used it again this morning, in fact.

    I haven't bought Gem blades for years, but the best deal for a hundred-pack (why go anything less?) used to be Ted Pella. PTFE. I haven't seen Ted Pella mentioned for a bit--is it still a good spot for PTFE Gem blades?

    P.S. I believe the order I placed with Ted Pella was 121-2, which is 200 PTFE Gem blades for $30.
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  13. 121-2 are uncoated
    121-3 are coated @ $37.40 for 200
    unknown shipping cost

    I used "The Razor Blade Company" through Amazon was $23 for 100. Shipping Free.
  14. The best price I've found is here: GEM by Personna Stainless Coated Single Edge Razor Blades -- even with shipping (which is incredibly reasonable to the US).
  15. pbrmhl

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    I stand corrected, @Clay S. I, in fact, bought the 121-3 package. @Flintstone65, I haven't run a currency exchange rate analysis, but you may be right. Carry on!

    P.S. I remember clearly when I bought my 200 blades from Ted Pella (121-3), I didn't pay any postage. Something to do with using a business address. (Which I always do, in part because my neighborhood is a bit sketchy and in part because my wife doesn't need to know what I stash at my office.)
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  16. WHAt I like best is I don’t have to choose. I am lucky enought to own a few models and chose pick one for the day when I feel like it.
  17. I did the exchange analysis. It's significantly cheaper. I wonder what 5000 run at atblades.com. :)
  18. Brother Clay,

    The picture on the left applies only to the Ever-Ready 1924 model. The picture on the right (razor head flat or virtually flat against the face) applies to virtually all other SE razors.
  19. Me?

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