Which is your favorite GEM/EVER-READY RAZOR ?

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    Hi all,

    I realize there are a lot of GEM/EVER-READY fans here at B&B (and elsewhere).
    I must confess, I feel "so-so" when it comes to the VERY popular "Micromatic" Razors.
    I just don't seem to enjoy shaving with this model. OMG! What's wrong with me ?
    That being said, I have enjoyed shaving with my GEM "G-BAR" and my Ever-Ready 1912.
    So, which couple are your FAVORITE GEM/EVER-READY Razors ?

  1. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    Lather catcher. Best light weight razor ever.
  2. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor Ambassador

  3. Do you still shave once a week?
  4. Gem junior bar and streamline
  5. MMOC is my favorite. 1914, 1924, 1909 Shovelhead second tier in no particular order.
  6. Hmmm -- that is a VERY tough question, at least for me. Here are my faves (and yes, there are more than 2)

    1. GEM Damaskeene Open Comb -- not easy to find these and when you do they do come at a price -- but this is one of those overly-hyped razors that actually lived up to the hype, at least for me. It is on a very short list of razors that I can use as a daily driver.

    2. 1904 GEM Lather Catcher & 1907 GEM Junior Bar Lather Catcher -- these two are nearly tied in performance, so I really couldn't choose between them.

    3. GEM Micromatic Open Comb -- my very first non-injector SE, and it's been a great performer.

    4. GEM Featherweight -- another smooth shaver that can easily be a daily driver.
  7. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    Ever-Ready 1914
  8. For me it's:
    Bullet Tip
  9. Hi all,

    @Twelvefret, Twelve, I have been now shaving every two/three days for over a Month.

  10. Okay, because we once spoke of a razors performance with several days growth. I am surprised your didn't find the Micromatic to your taste. This has happened according to some posts I've read where a member puts the razor on the shelf for some time only to revisit later and love the results. And, another way to get the most out of any razor, including a straight is to use it for several consecutive shaves. This gives you a chance to build some muscle memory and get to know it personality. Lastly since we as talking about 90 year old razors, please check to make sure the blade he being held properly. Sometime those blade stops get knocked around on the MMOC and BMMOC.
  11. Sorry , which Micromatic do you not enjoy shaving with, as it's a series not a model...

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  12. Let's see, in order my top GEM style SEs are,

    Micromatic Open Comb
    EverReady Streamline
    Henckels Rapide
    Star Lather Catcher circa 1902
  13. I'm a fan of the Star Lather Catcher's as well. If you haven't stopped by yet, we have a new club that may interest you: The Association of Lather Catchers: TALC
  14. Clog Pruf
  15. Hi all,

    @Twelvefret , yes Sir! I do indeed recall our discussion regarding "Muscle Memory" and such. Please don't misunderstand, it's not that GEM's I've tried (MMOC, MMCP, Bullet Tip, etc.) are bad per say however, compared to the likes of my Gillette 1941 Ranger Tech, Sheraton, FATBOY, NEW Deluxe, Ever-Ready 1912, etc. I think (at least so far, for ME) there are other Razors I prefer. Tell you what.....I need a shave NOW! I have about three days growth. I'll try one of my GEM Razors and report back.

  16. Henckels Max
    Henckels Rapide
    Star Kampfe 1902
    OneBlade Genesis
  17. It's a 3 way tie between the 1912, the 1924, and the MMOC.
  18. Z-2


  19. @Twelvefret,

    OK. I shaved today using my GEM "Featherweight" Razor. The Razor felt nice in the hand and like it's namesake, is Feather weight/agile handling/smooth. That being said, I must confess that I did NOT have a good shave. I'm beginning to suspect the BLADES I'm using might be the issue rather than the Razor(s). For the most part, I had a rather UN-comfortable shave with too much friction/scraping/drag. The Razor did shave very close to the Skin. However, it was about an hour or two later that I looked more closely in my (CAR) Mirror and was shocked to see how much beard was remaining on/under my Chin. This rather SHOCKED & surprised me as I shaved over this Chin area multiple times. I've never experience this situation with ANY other Razor. I'm using these BLADES : [​IMG]
    Gem Super Stainless Steel Single Edge Blades 10 Each
    Perhaps I used this ONE Blade too long a time. I will now (MUST) try Shaving again with the Featherweight but this time (next time) using a BRAND NEW Blade!


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