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Which is the most mild and gentle Razorock razor?

Well, as the title implies, which Razorock razor is the most mild and gentle?
The original Mamba or SLOC are the most forgiving RR heads IMO, with the .68 Game Changer a close third and the Mamba .70 as a frustrating also-ran (it's identical to the standard Mamba, with the exception that you can use a steeper angle that scrapes rather than slicing... the original simply doesn't allow blade contact at that angle).

I used to rotate through the following: Gillette English FB Tech, blue tip or black handle Flare (nearly identical feel and performance), red tip Flare, Rocket and Merkur 11c. The stainless RR razors are both easier to use well and shave as close or closer than any of those vintage razors, with the exception of the Merkur OC head, which gives me a milder, yet closer shave than even the Mamba (but sadly it's made of inferior materials and the heavier 11c is discontinued).

I was an early adopter and had reservations about paying over $50 for a new razor design, but now I feel like the RR stainless razors are among the best deals in the razor world, when you weight quality and performance against other brands.

The Merkur 15c however, still gets my vote for best value in a mild /efficient razor, I just wish there was a stainless or at least brass and nickel plate version available...
My experience is pretty much identical to awa54’s above. I love the 15c as well as various stainless steel RR. Whenever my skin becomes irritated I use either the 15c, SLOC, Mamba or GC68. When my skin is smooth and clear I use some of the more aggressive open comb razors I enjoy - like the JAWS 68 and 84 (84 may bite but the 68 hasn’t yet). The new RR BBS in stainless steel is discussed in other threads and I’d consider it another mild and comfortable razor (just got it yesterday).

I also agree that the Mamba 70 can be frustrating. If I over do it against the grain my face gets irritated. My solution is to just do a two pass with and across the grain - and some light touch up. This way it remains in my rotation as one of my daily favorites. If I don’t chase after a baby smooth shave the Mamba 70 may be my favorite razor. I certainly use it a lot.
Thanks for all the responses. As I've stated in other threads, I've thrown in the towel on DE shaving many times, but I still remain curious, and I really don't know why. My DE89 absolutely tears my neck apart and leaves painful welts all over it, yet somehow doesn't shave either. My Feather Popular causes irritation and doesn't give me a close shave at all. When I see the above comments about the RR Mamba, I'm curious, yet still think it will be a similar experience to my previous efforts. Still, I wonder if I just need a different razor.

For comparison's sake, I find a cheap Gillette Good News disposable to be the best all around razor I've ever used....no joke. What DE would be comparable to that?