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Which is RazoRock's mildest Stainless Steel DE head? And other questions, please

Though we both seem to favor the less aggressive razors I guess there can still be a significant difference in what we mean by less aggressive? The BS has never nicked me and I have used everything in it from Derby Extra's to the much sharper Gillette Yellow's and Personna Reds.

If you have used a Rockwell 6S or 2C and knew which setting was best for you that might give a better indication of how aggressive the other's you mentioned were. For me, the #3 setting is best for the blades I just mentioned, the #2 is too mild and the #4 is just a BIT too aggressive.

I prefer very aggressive razors. I just supplement that with other less aggressive shavers from time to time. Wolfman WR2 1.55, R41, Charcoal Goods Level 3 are all in my top rotation. When I had a Rockwell 6S I used plates 5 or 6. The Razorock BBS is so much milder than what I normally use.
Mamba for the win. The fit and finish are impeccable.

Smooth & efficient. It's my go-to razor. One pass, WTG & done, daily shaver. It even mows down a few days of camping or weekend growth.

I stopped looking or researching razors after I got it a few years ago.
Yes Sir, it's Rasoigoodfellas. I order often from them because they stock a lot of brands (including RazoRock), offer free domestic shipping with express courier and parcels arrive safely and quickly, usually within 2 working days.

Right this morning I ordered 2x RazoRock Thick Bar handles, a spare Mühle R89 head and a bowl of Cella Extra Extra Bio.

The GC 68P at this point is my head of choice. Unfortunately, as you already noted, it's currently out of stock. But I've signed in in their notification system to let me know when it's available again. In the meantime, I'll put the spare Mühle R89 head on one of my Thick Bar handles and enjoy this combo!

Thank you everyone for the help provided! :a14:
There are a couple of them on Subito.it right now :wink2:

I would have bitten if not for the weight (they come with the Super Knurl handle).
Just want to set the record straight on the RR Teck II mentioned a few pages back: it is designed to look like an old Gillette Tech head, but it is very far from being a replica. The geometry is quite different. It is actually just a rebranded Baili BR172.


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@Marco how is the razor? I read of its use by you today and wanted to know your early impressions if you would please share them.
The razor is extremely solid and built to last a lifetime. But, being made in 316L Stainless Steel, this was of course expected. What really surprised me was the quality of the shave, VERY mild yet VERY effective. Those who said that it is close to the 89 Series were right. To be fully honest, the closest razor I can compare it to, shave-wise, is my 1970s NOS Gillette Ball End Tech Aluminum.
Only one shave in, but I already LOVE it. :001_wub:


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Thank you for your reply. I’m glad the Canadian part of Italy was able to deliver for you and I look forward to your further impressions
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