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Which Floris Scent is the Best?!?

What is the best Floris Scent?

  • Cefiro

  • Elite

  • JF

  • Limes

  • No 89

  • Santal

  • Special No. 127

  • Whatever Art chooses

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Floris is another of those popular scents here at B&B. Being as SWMBO would like to provide me with some new scents for Christmas, and without knowing my preferences, what does everyone here consider the best Floris scent from what is available today?
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I've only smelled the JF and the Cefiro. I bought JF for me, and Cefiro for my wife. Cefiro claims to be unisex, but I would have to request proof of a man-card from any man wearing it.
I tried them all over the course of a couple of days up in London, visiting the "Holy Grails" and (YMMV) to me Vetiver was the supreme best fragrance in the Floris establishment (too posh to be called a mere shop)
I've tried No. 89 and Santal and liked them both; I'd give a slight nod to No. 89.

I'd love to try the Vetiver, but I understand it's being discontinued.
It's still available according to the Floris website, but it's expensive now (twice the price I paid a few months ago) and dieties knows how much the shipping would be, but ... it's the TOPS
Uhm, comparing the regular price with a sale price seems quite misleading. It costs exactly as much as any of the others. I suspect that Floris has decided to stop calling it discontinued and just keep the remaining stock as a 'special selection'. It's in a separate section along with No.127, called 'classic collection'.

Now sandalwood, that's what discontinued is.
The only ones I like for me are Sandalwood and Vetiver, on a rare occasion I can do no.89 as well.
I think among all the best made is No. 89.
Cefiro. I get many positive comments from women when I wear it . YMMV. All colognes take on different qualities from the skin of the wearer.
I also like JF, less so No.89. Santal is great, but too strong for my tastes.

Do yourself a favor and get the sample set from shoplondons.com and try them out a few times before you make a decision.



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Floris Vetiver is by far my favorite.

This is the email response I received from Floris a couple of months ago:

Dear ("jakespoppy")

Thank you for your email.

The Vetiver is still to be discontinued but the current stock will be sold through. It is available priced £50 for a 100ml bottle of Eau De Toilette.

If you wish shipment to the United States the cost would be £50 this is due to the hazardous nature of the product.

If you wish to proceed with this order please confirm and kindly respond with your payment information.

Kind Regards, Pauline

Pauline Warn
Floris Mail Order

T: 0845 702 3239
E: [email protected]
W: www.florislondon.com
Also, at the same time, Truefitt and Hill on Michigan Avenue in Chicago had several bottles of Floris Vetiver in stock.


Seems like a we've got a lot of Floris Vetiver fans! May favorite vetiver and one of my favorite colognes altogether. My wife like's it a lot too (she thinks almost everythings else smells too sweet on me).

Ironic and too bad it's discontinued.
I have bottles of both the Vetiver and No 89 as well as samples of the entire gentlemens range. For me the No 89 JUST pips the Vetiver as my favourite. IMO there is something so sophisticated and complex about their fragrances which makes Floris stand out even above GFT and T&H.

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