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which de razor should i get from these ones?

i ended up going for the edwin jagger kelvin as its got the de89 head and just a smaller handle,
really wanted to try edwin jagger out as i've heard good things about it

also ordered 100 astra green superior platnium
Great razor and works well with the Astra SP or GSB. The Gillette Platinum or 7 O'Clock Super Platinum {from India} should be good too.
Very good as a travel razor.
so got the edwin jagger kelvin today looks nice,

small but wide handle, the handle is longer then a gillette tech handle to give you an idea,
for the price point with 5 derby green blades you cant go wrong tbh

imo only thing i would say that lets it down is that you get a nice looking box, a nice looking razor but the razor is just wrapped in paper, no plastic or cardboard pull out, that in my eyes feels like a corner cut but for the price maybe im asking too much i dont know?

i wonder if all edwin jagger razors are packed like this

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