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Which DE has the best handle size and knurling for best grip?

Responses to my query about shaving in the shower raised the issue of dropping your razor while shaving. My shave in the shower poll now says only 15% or so shave in the shower, with a few actually using a mirror. (I use a fogless mirror except when traveling.)

Hey, I decided that the question of "grip" deserved a new thread.

So, what what razor has the best handle size and knurling resulting in the best "grip"?

My vote is for :
1. Gillette FatBoy
2. Gillette Slim

Someone more familiar with other razor brands/types start us a poll. I can't name enough brands/types to design a good poll.

Barbasol razors are very nice also. Handles is approximately the size of the Fatboy and has better knurling, in my opinion.
I vote for a fat boy. I have them both and the heavier handle would be easier to hold. I think the slim is top heavy and not as balanced.
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