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Which cartridge razor/disposable razor did you use today and how many shaves?

Pro Shield retired at 67 shaves, 10 more since my last "record" with this. Last 3 shaves have been lousy. Not sure if it helps resting some days but it is tugging a lot now and lots of red bumps luckliy no ingrowns. The change was quite sudden so asked the GF if shed had used it which she had not. Will shave with electrics a little now since we have some active threads on that topic.
Which cartridge razor did you use today and how many shaves with that cartridge?
No bashing please just answer the question. Save the bashing for another post. We all know that DE, SE, and straight razors are superior.

Gillette Fusion Proglide - 33 shaves (I have been using this razor since August 2013 so that's 33 shaves at random times since then).
Schlick xtreme 3 with about 16 shaves. I feel cartridge razors are just as good as de and straight razors only my Opinion
~Laser II twin blade disposable razor (€0.59 for 10)
~Gillette regular shave foam (€1.59 for 300ml)
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