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Which cartridge razor did you use today and how many shaves?

50% is not bad, will have to recondiser and maybe get one, any particular brand you'd reccoment?
Just use a piece of old denim, or a silicone hotpad if you have them in your kitchen. There was a denim cartridge razor strop on Etsy.


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Maybe I am doing it ineffectively?
a few questions for anyone who finds stropping helps at all-
when do you start stropping - after the first shave or only when the cart starts to tug and shave less close?
do you wait for the lube strip to dry or right after using the cart?
how many strokes do you strop, do you apply pressure?
Twin Blade Tuesday

Second shave with a Sensor.

anyone else find 2 weeks or so is about the limit for a Sensor cart?
I'll see how I do with my run. I've been shaving with a store-brand Sensor knock off cartridge, not the Gillette original, after picking up a large haul from the discount shelf, a dollar a package. I think 7 to 8 shaves was average for those carts. At the price I paid, it wasn't worth it to stretch. This year I located some NOS Gillette Sensor cartridges and have already noticed a smoother, sharper shave. I'll be tickled if I can get a dozen shaves.