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Which brushes are trimmed/untrimmed?

Hi all,

It's difficult when shopping for a brush online to see if a brush's hair has been trimmed or not, unless the photo is very detailed.

This characteristic is rarely stated in the specs, but would be nice to know in advance.

I have a Silvertip from TOBS which I've used for around a year, and just acquired a Rooney 3/1 Super which I can't wait to try. The tips are trimmed on both.

Shavemac and Savile Row brushes look like they've been left untrimmed, which is probably great for sensitive skin but not as scrubby?

So, what other brands/models of brush are untrimmed?


Rooney isn't trimmed:smile:
Usually the cheaper brushes (-40$) are trimmed. Higher end brushes are untrimmed and have natural, unscratchy tips.
I don't know which ones are trimmed or not, I just know that from some brushes I get a (bad) reaction: itchy skin, redness, etc. I got these kinds of reaction from Shavemacs and Rooneys, but not from EJ, Muhle or Simpsons. So I just hypothesized that the difference was the trimming. I may be wrong, though.
I don't think the top makers (Rooney, Shavemac, QED, etc) trim their Silvertip brushes. Otherwise I don't think they'd be that popular.
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Rudy Vey

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Somewhere I was reading that the main difference in Badger hair is that the good qualities used for Silvertip, Super, best and /or finest are tapered hairs. The hair used for pure brushes are non-tapered, straight lower grade hair. So the hair in the lower grade brushes may look like it is trimmed, but it isn't.
The part of the hair that surely is trimmed we do not see, as this is on the lower end of the knot and this end is glued to the handle.
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