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Which brush should I go for?

Currently using a cheap Zenith Boar Brush :laugh:, looking for a badger brush and after doing much research, I pretty much come down to these few...

Shavemac 24/50 Bulb Silvertip 2 Band
Saponificio Varesino 2.0 Machurian
Simpson Chubby 2 in Best Badger

:blink: I mainly do face lathering :straight:. Just that when it comes to Badger brush, there are so many option and I only have cash for one! Seeking for some opinion!
I know my answer is not what you're looking for but I would say try a 26 mm synthetic knot from stirling or razorock. I face lather as well and I have AoS badger and I hardly ever use it because of a Stirling Kong.


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Shavemac 24/50 Bulb Silvertip 2 Band if you want something just cloudy soft

Simpson Chubby 2 in Best Badger if you want something scrubbier with just a very, very little bit of scritch.

Both are excellent.
I highly recommend a Shavemac 2 band. Although I prefer a 26mm knot.

An SV would also be another great choice.

I have never tried a Chubby because of the handle dimensions. I know I prefer a handle taller than 50mm. Even if I loved the knot, the handle would be a deal breaker.
It would help if you specified what you want. I face lather and prefer smaller brushes with a bit of scritch. Among those options, I would chose the Chubby, but my personal preference is the Chubby 1 which simply works well for me! The 2 is a bit large for my taste.
Simpsons Chubby, I have both the 1 and 2 in best badger. I've not used the other two brushes you mentioned, but you cannot go wrong with Simpsons.
I was in the same boat as you this spring. Had been using either an Omega 10066 boar or a Razorock plissoft for face lathering. I ending up getting a Rudy Vey custom with a 24mm three band silvertip shavemac bulb knot as I too wanted a nice badger brush (it's same specs as a Saville Row 3824). Rudy is a true craftsman and the brush is fantastic.

All that being said if you do a performance/price comparison the Omega is a clear winner. I recently bought a Proraso Pro boar brush (basically an Omega 83) and it too is a fantastic brush. Again on a performance/price comparison it's likely a bit ahead of the badger but slightly behind the Omega 10066. As with all things shaving YMMV.

One tip though, as given to me by Rudy, is don't underestimate the importance of the handle. If you get the right sized and shaped handle it will make any brush that much better. Even if you have a fantastic knot you won't like using the brush if the handle isn't comfortable for you. That is one of the reasons I like the Proraso Pro, for me, the handle shape and size is fantastic. Just a bit better than the handle size and shape I chose for the badger brush.

So all the above being said I'd likely stick with the Zenith but out of your badger pics I'd go Shavemac.
For absolute consistency I don't think you can beat the Shavemac two-band silvertip. Its quality doesn't seem to vary, and it just feels really luxurious while not being at all floppy. Also, you can worth with Bernd, the owner, and he will set the knot at whatever depth he thinks will suit you, and he really knows his stuff so is worth listening to. With other makers things are just that little bit more hit and miss, I've found.
You can't go wrong with Simpson. I have a Duke #2 in Best and it is a delight.

My next bush will be a Shavemac. I just need to decide what model. Have you considered H.L. Thater?
Would recommend the Shavemac Silvertip. You might also want to take a look at their "Finest Badger" range, especially if you like your "boar massage" and do not want to get something that is too soft in comparison.

I dont think Simpsons is a good candidate for first badger brush, what with their increased penchant for hair shedding. Also I find their knots and handles are often mismatched (large knots with small handles). You really need to be sure of your knot size, handle size, loft, backbone requirements and lathering technique before getting a Simpson.
I have a Duke 2, Thater 2 band bulb and D01 3 band fan all are great face lathering brushes. I use a Manchurian White from Elite razor the most. Just an incredible knot. Super soft tips and plenty of backbone.
I would suggest the Shavemac, but if you face-lather, I would go with a 24x46-48mm with those Silvertip 2-Band knots.
Good luck.
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