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Which brand of double edge razor blade should I get?

Hey! I'm new to this sub and I've ordered a DE safety razor, but I'd like to get some new blades to go with it! I've heard blades are dirt cheap (like you can find them for under $0.10 each), but I am clueless as to which brands are the best. What would you recommend? Thanks!
Go to tryablade.com and get a sampler put together. I'd be sure to include Astra SP in there. They seem to work in a lot of razors for a lot of people. Gillette Silver Blues and Nacets are spoken well of, as are Feathers if you wanted something very sharp right out of the pack.
Ask friends for a couple of blades or buy a sampler pack.
Keep in mind that you need to learn to shave with that razor and that you need a couple of shaves to evaluate a blade.
The exact blade is virtually impossible to tell it depends on razor, beard, soap and most of all your technique

On the aggressive side kai and feather

A lot of people seem happy with Gillette silver blues.
This is a question that is impossible to answer.
The blades that work for me maybe really bad for you.
I would agree with the others telling you to buy a sampler pack.
And the blades you should use is depending on what razor you use, how often you shave, how hard/soft your beard is.
It took me a couple of years before I found my favorite blades for my razors.
Get your technique down first before you embark on your Quest For The One True Blade. Get a couple of packs of adecent blade that has good reviews in the blade forum and learn to shave with your razor. Once you feel comfortable with the process, get a sample pack and have at it.

Focusing on the blade before your technique is perfected is counter-productive.
Blade samplers are the best way, as many have suggested, but I've rarely heard anything bad said about Astra SP blades and I personally find that they work very well in all of my razors.


+3! Another vote for a blade sampler pak or two!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

What works for me may or may not work for you.