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Which blades for shavette?

Just got my Shavette today. It came with some of the short Merkur blades that fit in the red adaptor and I also ordered a green blade holder with some Fromm SS blades. I would like to know if anyone here has any experience with the Fromm blades, I have never seen anyone comment on them. Are these blades worthwhile, or would I be better off sticking with the Merkur blades?
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Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
I think the Fromm blades are the best ones for the Shavette. The SE type spine keeps them stiff and the sharpness seems fine to me. The red holder, for 1/2 of a standard DE blade just seems too small to me. I have also used the black holder which takes half of an extra long Merkur DE blade. This is a good choice too but still not as stiff as the Fromm choices. I think Personna also makes a long DE blade for hair shapers that will fit the black insert.

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