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Which blade to try first from sampler pack?

Hi all!

I'm a newbie to DE shaving, and I've been shaving for about 6 weeks or so with a Merkur Progress and some Merkur blades. I've finally received today my Edwin Jagger razor (w/ Muhle head) and a sampler pack from WCS with some Crystal Platinum Chrome, Derby Extra, Astra Superior Platinum, Personna Platinum and Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum blades.

Some background info: I have very sensitive skin, and shave using either Taylor's Avocado or Nivea Mild shaving cream. I think my technique has improved a lot in the last few weeks. I manage to shave using barely any pressure at all. I've been getting consistently "ok" shaves, with just a single WTG pass on most of my face. Two reasons for that: I really don't care for ultra-smooth results (I actually quite like having a bit of stubble later during the day) and having an irritation-free shave is my top-priority.

With that in mind, here's the question: which blade should I try first? And with which razor?:tongue_sm
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I'd go with the Personna or Crystal blades next. Flip a coin it probably doesn't matter. After that I'd try the Astra blades followed by the Feathers once your technique is down.

The Derby blades do not work for me, but they are in my opinion better than the Merkurs.
I would be tossing the Merkurs and plan to begin with either a Derby or Personna.

And agree with leaving the Feathers till last
Ok, I went with an EJ + Crystal combo... I don't know if it was the razor, the blade, or both, but I think I'm safe in saying I've got my best shave ever! As smooth as I like, with no irritation!:thumbup:

Which raises the question, isn't German engineering supposed to be as good as it gets (in general, not concerning shaving equipment)? Considering I come from a Merkur razor + blade combo...:blink:
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