Which blade is the smoothest for you?? Not the closest or best blade - just the smoothest

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    For me, Shark Platinum, followed by Shark SC.
  1. I think for DE blades, (which I suspect most here are talking about as the SE shavers are a small subset) the razor they are in is just as big of part of the equation of perceived smoothness as the blade itself. The curve and how far towards the cutting edge it's clamped and how solidly it's clamped by the razor all play a part.

    There is no better or worse, just what you prefer. This discussion would be better if we only named our smoothest blade and what razor that we found it so.

    For me the smoothest has been and so far is... Bevel blade in a Bevel razor. There may be better blades to put in Bevel, but I'm working through the pack that came with the razor and that combo is smoother to me than every other DE and razor combo I've used.
  2. I'd say Personna Reds or PermaSharps. Astra's are right there as well...
  3. For me the list goes from best to good but not best. (Too many rough blades to list...for me)
    1) Gillette Platinum Plus (Brazil)
    2) German Wilkinson Sword
    3) Personna Lab Blue (U.S. Version)
    4) Sputnik
    5) Satinex Platinum Plus (Received in a PIF. Thanks Space Cadet)
  4. I need to change my vote - Voskhod has just knocked Shark SS into second spot for me.
  5. For what it’s worth I find Astra SPs and Wilkinson Sword Shanghai the smoothest but I think your choice of razor also matters . I am still unfortunately trying different blades and when I get past this I will settle on one or two blades and be satisfied. Every once and a while I have a bad experience and go back to one or two of my favourite razors and one or two of my favourite blades. It seems too simple.
  6. Supermax Blue Diamond Titanium and Wilkinson Sword Classics
  7. P74. It's not even close.

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  8. +1, ...almost. NOS Wilkinson Light Brigades are tied with P74, for me, as my very best blade. Just as smooth for me usually but occasionally I doubt that conclusion. In the Light Brigades favor I mean.
  9. My top 5:

    1. GSB
    2. Perma-Sharp Super
    3. 7 O'Clock SuperEdge
    4. Voskhod
    5. Super-Max Blue Diamond

    Edit: Removed Astra SP and replaced with Super-Max Blue Diamond
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  10. Good move. I find the Blue Diamond to be far superior to the ASP.

    When you say 7 O'Clock SuperEdge, are you referring to the 7 O'Clock SharpEdge Yellow. I have found them to be great blades in aggressive razors that have lots of face feel and need a really smooth blade.
  11. Gillette Black for my smoothest. Love those blades!
  12. For me, a blade is never smooth shaving until it has at least 20 shaves on it. I dread new blades of almost any type. They all a a bit harsh for the first 4-10 shaves. The first 1-3 shaves are pretty decent. shaves 10-25 are better by tiny degrees.
    Then from about 25 on to the end of the blades useful life are the best and smoothest shave
    Feather blades normally last me from 50-sometimes over 100 shaves.
    Astra SP get 75-120. The Astra are the smoothest for the largest number of shaves for modern blades.
    7'O Clock Greens get 75-100 good shaves.
    Most all modern blades will work for me for nearly 100 shaves.

    But the best blades I have found are Schick Plus Platinum blades.
    These are vintage blades made till the 1990's.
    The best ones are 1960's-1987 or so.
    I have several hundred of these that I got in a package lot from an auction site.
    I have used them for over 200 shaves on one occasion.
    Since then the next blades tend to runout around 175 shaves.
    but from about the 5th shave till the last its like shaving with a laser.
    You feel nothing when they make a pass and the hair is just gone.
    If my razor didn't make a sound you wouldn't even know there was a blade there.
    But I do recognize I am an odd-ball guy who is one of the long use blade nuts!

    By the way I use a rotation of razors some 10-15 all vintage, mostly Gillette with a few exceptions. My favorite razor at the present is a Flat Bottom English Tech with a Vintage handle.
  13. I still think it’s hard to out smooth a Wizamet blade in a Tech razor. It’s almost like rubbing your face with silk as stubble evaporates.
  14. Yes, the 7 O'Clock Yellow. They've been my go to blade for a while now - for the reasons you've mentioned. Really consistent blades.
  15. Baconator

    Baconator Contributor

    Voshkod is probably the smoothest for me.
  16. Uncas

    Uncas Contributor

    Lab Blues, I don't even think about it anymore.
  17. !!!!!!!!!
  18. 7 o'clock Green Permasharp stainless (from India), if only they where sharper :(

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