Which blade is the smoothest for you?? Not the closest or best blade - just the smoothest

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    For me, it is these blades (out of 42 I have tried to date):

    Astra Super Stainless (not the platinum one)
    Chroma Diamont Stainless
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Green Super Stainless
    Gillette Silver Blue

    These are not necessarily my favorite blades, as I think the closeness of a blade matters - the number of shaves does NOT matter for me, as I rarely use a blade even 3 times.

    My favorite top 6 are:
    Chroma Diamont Stainless
    Gillette Silver Blue
    Voskhod Teflon
    Rapira Platinum Lux
    Astra Super Stainless

    If I had to pick a 7th - Gillette Nacet

    Some overlap from above, but not totally - I like all 6 of the above mostly equally. Voskhod, Rapira, and Chroma are my best value - when you consider cost per blade.

    Considering COST as the number one variant, before closeness and smoothness it is:
    Treet Platinum

    There you go - 3 ways to evaluate blades from my personal unique perspective:
    beard thickness, face, technique, and shaving frequency,
  1. Yeah I think that the Stainless Astras Shave really well. Hardly any discomfort at all for me when using them. Personna Labs are really smooth also.
  2. If to name just one, it's Personna Red for me.
  3. Gillette platinum.
  4. All Persona's and all Shark's are my absolute worst blades for me in all iterations.
  5. This.

    These things are straight amazing to me.....my favorite before these was the Super Max Blue Diamonds, but to me they were a tad harsh on 1st use. G Plats are just as smooth right out of the box. Love em.
  6. Shark SS .
    Sharpest one too.
  7. Rapira platinum deluxe
    Rapira swedish stainless
    Astra blue
    Lada (4 shaves so far on 1 blade and still going smooth)

    Astra greens are very popular but i cant seem to get on with them well
  8. Personna Lab Blue. Well balaced blades.
  9. Astra greens
  10. For me, it's been Astra SP, from the 1st shave through as many as 15
  11. Modern: Polsilver Super Iridium
    Vintage: Personna Super Platinum Chrome
  12. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Consistently Astra SS and Gillette Platinum. Inconsistently BIC Chrome Platinum.
  13. GSB is the smoothest for me. Dorco Prime, Israeli Reds, Lord Silver Star, and Shanghai Wilkies are smooth for me too, but not as smooth as GSBs.
    I have found that as my technique developed, blades got smoother...
  14. Every week is Shark (SS) week for me. Not the sharpest, but absolutely the smoothest and most irritation-free I've tried thus far.
  15. If youy like Shark blades, try the new Shark Platinum. They are much sharper than the previous offerings and the only Shark I will use.
  16. Lord cool and gillette sharpedge. But I'm down to my last piece of gillette sharpedge. So that sucks.

    The astra SP, gillette platinum and super stainless are also smooth for me. But I'll give a slight edge to the above two.
  17. For smoothness, RPL, 7 O’clock Super Platinum (Black) and 7 O’clock Super Stainless (Green).

    Dorco ST301 are also pretty smooth. I need to spend more time with Astra SS and GSB, but they may also make my list.

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  18. Nacet
  19. Yep I've seen a lot of good things about them. When my current cache of Shark SS is running low I'll be checking them out, along with Silver Star.

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