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Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

I binned yesterday’s blade, Astra SP (3).

i have just thought this with the amount of uses isnt realy that good a guide to blade quality .
for lets say im a one pass shaver my blade will out last most that are three pass shavers .
just a thought .
This is a very good point. I love this thread because it shows the huge variance in blade usage.
However, I also saw that it’s more about passes than shaves. If I do three full passes, many of my blades last only two shaves. Yesterday’s Astra gave me an awesome third shave, whereas normally it should be tuggy/rough. However, the two previous shaves were only two passes, because the first shave was with a Merkur 37c slant, which was very efficient.
So, yeah, if I only do two-pass shaves of, let’s say the neck, I’ll get way more “shaves” than with three-pass full shaves.
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