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Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

Kai Protouch (8) (Testing ) excellent blade for learning & regular shaving. Like the guard because it is forgiving on the face and makes the shave more enjoyable IMO. Still had some life in it but, still testing were the sweet spot for life in these blades 8-11 possibly it looks like. Sharp & Smooth blade and very happy with the purchase.
YY Kai Protouch guarded AC blade.jpg
Crystal (2).
I had two days' growth and since the first shave with this blade, also with two days' growth, was so-so, I used a shaving oil in addition, to soften my beard. That oil is sticky, though, and I always have to discard the blades after using it. Which is just as well, as the blade became duller and duller and let me finish the third pass and touch-ups just barely, had to press at the end. Still, a CCS. No nicks, no irritation. Worth it. Even at two shaves a pop, I like Crystal, because they are smooth. YMMV.
I am very much inclined to toss the new Shark I just used in the Fatip Open Comb Slant. This razor has been excellent since I bought it this summer, but today's shave -- on a 48-hour beard and with Tabac soap, which usually results in a fantastic shave -- had too much blade feel for me. Usually I use Personnas in the FOCS, but for some reason switched it up.
today was the sad end to my first king gillette blade after seven good shaves , i could have gone on for a few more but i dont believe in forcing a shave .
at its end it was still smooth and fairly sharp so as some say that the blades cost a bit more, well when i normally get 3-4 shaves out of a blade i think the extra cost is break even point at 5-6 shaves so im up by 1 .
Astra Superior Platinum, 4 shaves and out.

Usually, I get 5-7 or more shaves from Astras, but this was my first time using one in a Gillette Single Ring Open Comb (Old Type). The blade was great for shaves 1 - 3, but shave 4 was all dragging and scraping and nicks.
Wilkinson Sword - Pulled after three shaves. I'm favoring more aggressive razors, and the Wilkinson Sword blades just don't work well in them for me, usually resulting in little nicks and weepers, which most often I don't even noticed, until I see the dots of blood.
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