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Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

South Dakota Guy

Why does same blade lasts longer for different people?
For some it is a health question. I don't like to use a razor for more than 7 days. I am finding that after 5 days the comfort of my shaves really start to degrade. Also some people do three or four passes plus touchups and some just do one or two passes. This is from the Timeless website:

Shaving and Your Health
August 12, 2020|Informative, Razor Industry
Don't neglect your razor. Failure to switch out your razor blades can result in infections and other health problems.

People take daily vitamins, showers, and practice many other health-related/hygienic rituals in order to keep themselves happy and clean. However, they often neglect their razors. The following are common shaving questions asked and answered. Answers provided are taken from third-party sources, as Timeless Razor is not a healthcare physician. Responses are simply recommendations and suggestions.

“How Often Should I Replace My Blade?”
According to Men’s Health.com, most razors are meant to last anywhere from five to seven shaves. If you shave every day, it is suggested that you replace your blade every week. If you shave infrequently, then you don’t need to replace your blade as often.

“What Happens If I Don’t Change My Razor?”
When you fail to switch out the blades on your razor, in time, they will become dull. When they become dull,there is an increased risk of nicks and cuts. The dull blades will pull at your skin, and when you are cut, regardless of its size, bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungus can enter into your skin.

One of the consequences of not reusing your razor is an acne-like breakout called Folliculitis. This infection develops in your hair follicles, and can cause irritation and itchiness. There are other infections and painful consequences that are caused by failing to dispose of used blades. If you think you are experiencing any rashes or side effects due to razor cuts, please consult with your primary physician.
Astra SP (2). Marked drop in smoothness and sharpness, I even managed to cut myself on a mole I haven’t cut for 5 years, because I was applying pressure subconsciously... Not a very good shave, although it was otherwise close, comfortable and nickless. I guess I have to live with the fact that Astra’s are barely good for two three-pass shaves for me, even when shaving daily.
Personna platinum (16)

Finally tossed this Personna after a mammoth 16 uses that is the most uses I have had from any blade
Derby Extra (7)
I have been getting some good shaves with Derby Extra blades, they seem much sharper now than they did many years ago. I definitely prefer the Derby Premium and Derby USTA blades but the Derby Extra is working pretty well for me too.
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