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Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

Slantember, Fri, Sept25th 2020

Blade: Personna red (6) excellent blade with my slants, good longevity + sharp +& smooth.
Feather High-stainless (14)
It is very durable blade but on the last about 2-3 days I needed not a few pressure for decent shave.
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Treet classic (5)

Good to know these blades last a decent bit for me. Kinda regretting using a few of them as "1 and done" because of the rust risk. It takes 2 seconds to dry them off.
A Rockwell blade that came with 6s, only managed 10cm WTG. Afterwards, that dullard blade and the whole tuck was in the rubbish bin.
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