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Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

Derby Extra (0.25 shaves). From the very beginning terrible tugging and hardly cut anything. Only lasted one side of my face (cheek and jawline) then had to toss it.

Switched to Tesco Xprt blade (which I think might be a rebranded Personna Platinum) and got a BBS shave with no irritation.
DE SOTD, Thur, Sept 3,2020
Blade: KAI SS(14) Excellent blade for being smooth and sharp with excellent longevity, Tossing it but still had 1 or 2 shaves life left. Very impressed and happy of my 4 tuck purchase and my mild razors are even better performing. :thumbup1:...... Blade Review #6.3 June 26th 2020 (3).jpg ....009" thousands wider than a standard blade for better blade exposure on my mild razors.
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