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Which blade ? AAARRGGHHH

Been back on the DE blades a few months now... seems the "feather" suits my face the best... but the next day the stubble is VERY sharp - like velcro !
Never have shaved every day... and would prefer to stay with 2-3 days, so what can you suggest I try ?

Next fave is the Tesco blade, but Ive had several duff ones...
3rd place is Derby's, but again shaves vary from one to the next :glare:

So feather takes the crown (if only for 2 shaves) but the next day is hard work... :sneaky2:
Is there something close to a feather, but maybe "smoother" ?

(oh, and available in the UK !)

Perhaps the Super Iridium. Many people compare them favorably to the Old Gillette Swede. You may also want to try the Gillette Sharp Edge...not quite as sharp as a feather but they give me much better results.
Earlier I ordered some Gillette yellow from "shave shack".... then got a couple of messages recommending them ! So fingers crossed ;-)

Ive read really good things about the iridiums, but they seem hard to get hold of here in UK... only found one seller ! (ebay) and dont want to be ordering a lot if they dont suit.
Ill see how the "yellows" go... and then decide if the iridiums are worth an investment (... and it IS an investment - they are twice the price of gilette or derby !, wonder if they are worth the difference ?)
Well you wanted something close to Feather's but a little smoother. Iridiums and Yellows fit the bill there, do I think they are worth the extra? Only you can decide that but I definitely think they are worth it.

£20/100 blades per year for average use? Not bad really compared to cartridges.
I like the Yellow 7 O'Clocks even more than the Feathers -- for me they shave just as close with less irritation. The only downside is those stupid glue spots!!! :cursing:
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