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Which aftershave must you always have?

Superior 70. This is real "bay rum", made in Puerto Rico. I don't use it for the scent- this won't make you smell like a pirate or anything like that, so much as the skin conditioning proprieties and as a hair tonic. The scent is not overpowering. It's less drying and toning than witch hazel, but it's good for keeping skin healthy if it's been irritated. And it's inexpensive.
Aqua Velva, Brut, Old SPice, and usually one or two pricier aftershaves are in my cabinet. I used to have Knize Ten and Penhalligon's Blenheim Bouquet, both fabulous.
Captain's Choce: CO9T, Bay Rum, Lime, and North (now discontinued :mad: ). CC has been my favorite A/S since 2011.
Ogallala Bay Rum or BR, Limes & Peppercorn (when I need a clove fix).
Superior 70 (when I want an alcohol fix).
Williams Aqua Velva (Spanish version); Aqua Velva Ice Blue, Fine American Blend (spouse loves it!); Clubman; and Old Spice. I like many others but my spouse doesn't. Only when I want to **** her off will I put on bay rum, Pinauds Special Reserve, Floid, or Jockey Club.