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Which aftershave must you always have?

Old spice is much less common here than I originally expected

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I'm a little surprised nobody mentioned Musgo Real Classic. By far my favorite AS. Superb scent, and it leaves the face moisturized, almost like a lotion. Great stuff.
I don't use it that frequently but I've always got a bottle of Royal Coppenhagen AS around. My wife (then girlfriend) first bought it for me back in the 80s and it stuck.

On a more recent note, Proraso Green is my most frequently used. I just wish it had a little more staying power.
I don't know if I contributed to this thread or not:
AV Ice Blue
Master Champagne
Old Spice (or some version)
Pinaud Classic Vanilla
Avon Oland, Windjammer and Leather
Gillette Cool Wave
Nivea Balm

I could probably live happily with those for a long time.
Proraso Green
Stirling Executive Man
Stirling Sharp Dressed Man
Nivea 2 in 1 Splash

For Balm, the Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
Stirling of one scent or another.

This is candy for my face. Great scents, selection and my skin always looks and feels a bit better from it.

Still trying to find one to top it and building a large stash while looking.
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